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naked, anime

Solid Gold Entrepreneurs

As the days continue to grow shorter I feel that urge to hibernate that I believe all mammals feel at some point or another. Its too damn cold outside! It gets worse with heating bills, one must wonder how much THAT is going to be next month. First month of it being on and I'm predicting in the 100s range!

But life has its good side. Doing well in school, working hard at it! School is really humbling though... you read so much and you think "Could I do that? This whole writing thing?" The putting of pen to paper or more likely fingers to keys and unloading pure insight onto the page. I don't think enough credit is giving to those who search not for happiness, or wealth (maybe that's saying too much) but for some inkling of humanity. One droplet of the thing that makes us one, a few sentences, a witty phrase, hell the whole book could just be culminating to one big "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!". I know I sound like a snob now! Not to mention a poor grammar, bad spelling chump but, I just cant get over the feeling that not enough emphasis can be placed on the importance of human expression.

Now I feel tired, wanted to write more (did but erased it) but I lost the energy.


naked, anime

November 2010

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