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here we are...

and there we were. I love the violin and the viola. Have you ever considered what it is you like about certain kinds of music over others? Is it something you can put in to words? Music is so fluid and wonderful I don't think we will ever truly understand its mysterious effects on our moods and minds. I feel transcendent listening to a well composed piece of music. I also enjoy the more silly side and the fun side of it. Music is definitely something to cherish and explore. With all the frontiers already taken the only thing left to explore is ourselves and in this age of leisure what better time I say. I spend a lot of time making opinions but not a lot considering why I made them. Been trying to work on that. It's hard you know. To feel completely aware of yourself. Sometimes I wonder what the point is. Im happy why dwell? But without curiousity I wouldnt amount to much... Well enough about that I suppose. It's Autumn and the leaves are just starting to turn its very beautiful. Funny it doesnt feel like ive been cold for awhile, like it's been warm for a long time which can't be possible since this is upstate ny. I was thinking about it though I havent felt cold in awhile and its become difficult to deal with it. Might be a problem >.>, Anywho I've been thinking a lot lately about the state of things in my life. It's quite silly but I worry things are going too smoothly. I might be getting too comfortable again. I need a challenge of some calibur. I wonder if this lack of interest or fire is pill related. Most likely Id say. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks though. I just wish there was a happy medium.


guess i just have to keep my hunny warm all winter by snuggling you to death! haha XD
naked, anime

November 2010

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